G Point is the chain of distributors in Europe and in the world that deals with the distribution of GOLDENTYRE products.

G Point is present in several countries around the world: Italy, the United Kingdom, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Poland and Malaysia are already operating with a widespread presence and highly qualified and professional pre- and post-sales support.

The idea of creating this new distribution reality stems from the need to have specialists in the area who are very familiar with the world of GOLDENTYRE and from the meeting between a group of people who have in common a deep knowledge of the technologies and the market for motorcycle tires.


In 2018, the first G Points were inaugurated in Italy and the United Kingdom.

In just six months, the G Point distributors became 10 in as many countries and with a widespread sales network in the territory with the first corners in specialized stores.

The goal of the G Point project is to become the main reference point for any need for Off Road users, making the GOLDENTYRE brand known to those who have not yet had the opportunity to get in touch with our products, whilst providing a professional availability and consultancy service to those users who already use the products in Europe and around the world.

what are the ethical values of our g points

G Point was created by market experts of the sector of motorcycle and bicycle tyres.

The main ethical and social pillars of our company are four:

  1. Commercial reliability, resulting from a high-quality product that has reached levels unthinkable until a few years ago, with an optimization of the range and with a deep specialization that has allowed us to follow all manufacturing processes in detail ensuring a finished product with unique performance and quality.
  2. Fast and professional delivery service, thanks to the use of a new management system and the careful selection of service providers that guarantee a fast and competitive service.
  3. Respect for the rules and safety requirements of the products we sell; respect for the environment through important research activities and the use of the best natural rubber as per the strict EU regulations that make tyres easily recyclable, but guarantee constant performance in the most varied conditions.
  4. Presence on the field to collect feedback from our users, who are our main resource to continue to improve our products.

which products are matketed in the g points

The range currently on the market consists of the entire range of GOLDENTYRE products, tyres and mousse including all the latest from 2019 and the new radial range GT823KH in 90/90-21 and 150/70R18