Opening a G Point is an opportunity for all active people who wish to create their own business centred on their passion.

To start a G Point it is necessary to have previous experience in this field, since each new affiliate will have to represent in their territory the brand that the parent company will entrust them.

The mechanisms that concern the creation, development and maintenance of the new G Point, such as the search for premises, the furniture and the supply of the first stock, are the elements necessary to start one’s own new business.

For the development of marketing activities, we use some well-established systems that enjoy effective automatisms and are fast to learn; our marketing department will in fact provide a Facebook page with a recognizable image identical for all G points in the world, as well as a web platform and an email address with the format


The type of sale and the working hours are suitable for each type of person and can be managed according to one’s own needs and those of the customers.

We have examples of historical affiliates that are heterogeneous in terms of age, education, family situation: former executives, young entrepreneurs, married couples, parents and children, and so on. What makes them unique is the passion for this job, the sense of challenge and belonging to a brand that, in almost all cases, work well thanks to the daily efforts of the individual affiliate and the parent company.

The current G Points in 10 countries around the world guarantee that the business model proposed by G Point works: one only has to replicate it carefully, carefully choosing the location and respecting the required standards.

who we are looking for

The values and attitudes we seek are mainly linked to the human sphere of ethics, loyalty, ability to interact and business aptitude, as well as specific technical skills. Regarding the franchisee who wants to open a new single-brand G Point by licensing the GOLDENTYRE brand, we are looking for people with ample enthusiasm and business skills. The racing or technical tyre market is not as simple as it may seem at first glance but, once investigated, it is shown to be a sector where one can set margins and earn well with minimal initial investment.

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